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Author Harriet Goodwin talked about her books and inspired KS2!

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Author Steve Weatherill reading and illustrating his stories.

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World Book Week

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What an amazingly successful week we had! Everyone had lots of fun doing the ‘bringing books to life’ dance workshops with Ashley from West End in Schools and the visiting authors were a big hit too.

What did you enjoy the most?


World Book Week – 29th Feb – 4th March

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Exciting news!!!

We will be having 2 visiting authors coming into school during World Book Week!

Harriet Goodwin will be visiting Years 4 – 6 and Steve Weatherill will be spending time with Years 1 -3.

Both authors have written some amazing and very popular books, some of which have won awards!

Take a look at the authors’ websites to find out a little bit more about them before they visit. I know they would love you to know about their books and be able to ask them questions about what they do and even perhaps, ask them how you could become a better story writer!!

Steve Weatherill:

Harriet Goodwin:



Try these websites for reading and listening to stories…

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National Story-telling week …January 30th to February 6th 2016!

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Tell everyone about your favourite stories. Who is the author? Where is the story set and who are the main characters? Would you recommend it to someone else and why? What was your favourite part of the story – what about trying to do your own illustration for this part?



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